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Considering The Shock Doctrine: A Disaster Industry Archive

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism is Naomi Klein’s 2007 dissection of a specific strain of exploitative financial institutional practices on a geopolitical scale from the mid-20th century until the mid-Iraq war. The book looks at numerous examples around the globe moving from North and South America, to South Africa and into eastern Europe before returning to the USA, examining a series of drastic economic shifts that, though scattered in space and time, all share a collection of striking similarities.

Wall Street Bets vs the Elite: How a Group of Degenerates Made People Across the Earth Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Wall Street Bets is what you get when the millennials and Gen Z take on the stock market. It’s crude, it’s obnoxious, and deliberately offensive. It’s also self-aware in a way that the real-world Wall Street can’t even conceive of. Describing itself as ‘like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal’, referring to each other as ‘retards’ and ‘degenerates’, the abject nihilism of the millennial and Gen Z generation’s future perspective is framed just about perfectly.