Who Are You and Why are You Broken?

A personality generator

It’s difficult to tell the emotional state of a person without eyebrows. It’s even harder when they don’t have a face.Credit: Pixabay, Geralt: https://pixabay.com/en/users/geralt-9301


I sat down this weekend and finished restructuring  and writing the initial pass on my personality generator.  It’s not comprehensive, I’m playing with a few ideas, but there’s some interesting stuff there. There’s always room for expansion. Technically a couple of things don’t really constituted ‘personality’ but for lack of a better term, I’m keeping it as such. As usual, the grammar is a bit wonky in places, mostly  due to the restructure, but I don’t want to rewrite half the lines in case I need to change it again at a later date. You know the drill.

At some point I want to combine this with my description generator, but for the moment I’m keeping them separate. I’ll keep separate versions of each generator regardless, for the sake flexibility, but it’d be nice to combine the two into one cohesive generator.

So far I’m pretty pleased, all told.

You can always find the link to this at my Generators page.

Go try it out: Personality generator.


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