Is Reading a Waste of Time?

If a book does not output metrics in the forest, does it have value?

I was reading the other day. Fifteen minutes into a chapter I had the gnawing impression that I should be outputting. I consider reading to have value, but it does not output. Any time spent on anything that does not output is wasted time under the logic of hustle culture. If reading does not output and thus cannot be converted into metrics, does it have value under the terms of Hustle?

Hustle does not recognise a thing as having value if that thing does not output other things that can be commodified.

In the ideal world, all people hustle at 100% efficiency. Hustlers wake, output, sleep, repeat. If all people are continuously outputting, then who is inputting? If nobody is inputting in the ideal world, there can be no valuable output.

Do you then build an economy where some hustlers are paid to input output, in turn outputting metrics? Professional engagers? They input all output, outputting all engagement streams, in turn outputting metrics, which are the end commodity output. How does hustle culture respond to this input-output dynamic, does it love it or hate it? Might it love it for producing metrics, but at the same time hate it as input disrupts the purity of 100% hustle-based output? Thus, despite the ideal of pure output, the necessity of input to the metrics output process disrupts Hustle itself.

Theoretically input can be offloaded to bots to do the outputting of metrics. Take YouTube, bots output comments, view bots output views, engagement outputs metrics. This offloading runs the risk of demonetisation or banning, nullifying metrics, so depending on the efficiency of countermeasures, professional engagers might be more valuable in theory.

Hustle culture becomes an Ouroboros, outputting input commodities in contradiction to its own ideals, thus outputting what it hates. Simultaneously demanding constant output, while outputting products that demand constant input.

Warren Buffet buys shares in vomit

Reading, input, can become material for output. Therefore not all input is a waste of time provided it feeds back into the commodity output loop. Perhaps Hustle likes nonfiction more than fiction, as it is, percentage wise, geared towards re-outputting output. Input transubstantiated and regurgitated as output.

What is Hustle’s relationship to fiction, art, music, culture? Input products are seemingly binary. They can be regurgitated as output, feeding into cross-regurgitation as other input references and regurgitates regurgitated inputs. Until input is regurgitated it has a null value. However, as soon as it is regurgitated it gains value due to its part in the output process in turn outputting metrics. Theoretically, the more an input is regurgitated in the process of outputting output, the more value it has.

Therefore, if I output writing, but I deliberately do not know the associated metrics – whether or not the output produces metrics, the writing exists in a perpetual valueless state. All other input works the same, be it art, music, etc. However, if someone else inputs that writing and regurgitates part of it, then my output writing automatically gains value under the rules of Hustle.

I’m going back to my book.


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